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"Salander leaned back against the pillow and followed the conversation with a smile. She wondered why she, who had such difficulty talking about herself with people of flesh and blood, could blithely reveal her most intimate secrets to a bunch of completely unknown freaks on the Internet." ― The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest

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RAVENCLAWS: *pick the lock*

SLYTHERINS: *find the key*

GRYFFINDORS: *kick it down


This has been a brief description of the Hogwarts houses.

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Planning a story


Actually writing a story


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Olá, distintos internautas.

Nós da Smilo Institute, Research and Scams LLC, em parceria com os órgão de internet competentes, vamos ajudar a você, politizado, despolitizado, ou tá pouco se fodendo pra essas coisa de política tudinho e só entra na www pra ver gostosa, a entender o que é a Marcha da Família com Deus, pela Liberdade, anti-Comunista e anti-Pobre.

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